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Literature Circles in the Middle School Social Studies & Science Classroom

At the end of second quarter, in between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break, I began a lesson experiment in my Science classes. I gave a shot at implementing literature circles and I am excited to report that I am very impressed with what I saw. Of course, I was not surprised to see my self-motivated… Continue reading Literature Circles in the Middle School Social Studies & Science Classroom

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What I Read: Refugee by Alan Gratz

Over the last few nights, I have had the pleasure of listening (for free) to Alan Gratz's audiobook Refugee on my Epic app. I heard of both his book and the app for educators while listening to a Scholastic podcast, On Our Minds hosted by Suzanne McCabe Scholastic Editor-at-Large. I had a difficult time shutting off the reading each night, as I heard the… Continue reading What I Read: Refugee by Alan Gratz

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Understanding by Design, Developing Assessment Tasks

In my reading on creating assessment tasks that reveal student understanding in the book Understanding by Design: Creating High Quality Units. My quote that I took away from the reading was simple, “My goal as your teacher is to make myself eventually unneeded” (p. 96).  This made me think of Nanny McPhee and her purpose of… Continue reading Understanding by Design, Developing Assessment Tasks